The Mummy's Tomb

The Mummy's Tomb ★★

Universal made a third mummy movie and it’s a direct sequel with our two returning heroes from “Hand” but they left the fun out of the script this time around and made it more of a straight forward horror movie. It looks really good too. Full of fog and shadows, some better sets and once again a fabulous make up from Jack Pierce. 

Lon Chaney is shambling around killing people in the wrappings now but in all honesty it could be anybody in there. I suppose having the Chaney name on the marquee though was the main reason for casting him. 

There is some silliness in the script mainly dealing with citizens reporting to the authorities after seeing shadows as the mummy walks by them and the other has a mob throwing their lit torches at the mummy WHILE he has a captive woman in his arms. That was pretty stupid. 

At a short 60 minute run time the movie’s cardinal sin is having the first ten minutes of it being scenes from the previous movie. Really? You only had someone write a script for a 50 minute movie?

Still, the 50 minutes was entertaining enough for me.

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