Jungle Cruise

Jungle Cruise ★★½

So my brother informed me that many people are comparing this to the Pirates of the Caribbean films, and while I was watching this film, that never crossed my mind even once. And still doesn’t. What a weird comparison, to be honest. No, what I was getting was a lot of Indian Jones and National Treasures vibes, which was certainly a good thing. Though, unfortunately, this movie fails in many areas. The plot is bland, Jack Whitewall is painfully unfunny for most of the film, it makes some interesting choices and is overall nothing we haven’t seen before. Though, while he may not be that good of an actor, Dwayne Johnson is always someone I enjoy watching. From him cracking terrible jokes as a Skipper to him in acting and punching things, I had a good time probably because of him. Also, Emily Blunt was great as well, but, I mean, does she ever give a dull performance?

Not a completely worthless film, but fails to give that epic sense of adventure as it should, as it wants. I had a good time watching it, but it runs way too long and desperately needs to be cut down. Certainly one that I won’t revisit anytime soon, but also not a complete waste of your time. There was this scene with a really weird rock sounding song and the scene felt like a music video because of it. It was incredibly weird and kinda out of place, but I think it was the highlight of the film lol.

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