Kiki's Delivery Service

Kiki's Delivery Service ★★★★★

There will be moments when
you will bloom fully and then
wilt, only to bloom again.
If we can learn anything from
flowers it is that resilience is born
even when we feel like we are
-“Rebirth”, Alex Elle

Growing up and change is tough. Thoughts of things cloud your mind, blocking you from what really needs your focus at the moment. What truly matters. But that’s okay, because once you realize and accept the world around you and the change you’re going through, you’ll fit in and everything will feel all right. Don’t let others judge you just because you’re new to someplace, embrace that and make friends, come to terms with. You’ll be happier this way, because the other way you’ll feel like an outsider, with no clear direction of what to do in life. It’s awkward at first, but to lose faith in yourself is something you never want to do. Change and growing up is scary, yes, but do the best you can to grasp this opportunity and make the best of it. Because this time, this time doesn’t last forever. And it’s a beautiful thing.

Kiki’s Delivery Service
 is a film that captures all these feeling perfectly, a film I am so glad exist and has helped me in many ways, some I don’t even realize.

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