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This review may contain spoilers.

"cause maybe in that sleepy town, he'll sit one day, lights are down, he'll see my face and think of how he used to know me.."

so i've seen this in theatres four times now, which i have never done for any movie, ever. i don't think there has ever been a movie that has made me feel the way la la land does. somehow, it manages to be better every time i see it, and it manages to make me smile and simultaneously break my heart in every scene. i still have sing street fresh in my mind and the scene where they talk about love being "happy-sad" applies perfectly to la la land. the first viewing is full of hope and happiness, but after you know how it ends, even the happy scenes make you sad. but that's why i love the ending so much, because la la land was never really just about their love story, it's a story about their dreams. in the end, they both see their dreams come true and they couldn't have done it without each other. mia & sebastian not ending up together hurts, but this ending makes you feel more than any typical happy ending ever could. i love that it's real because although it's painful, in real life things rarely end up the way we want them to.

that scene at the end...their smiles...i am completely in love with this movie and with the fact that it has a happy ending that hurts so much.

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