The Green Knight

The Green Knight

on the lower bounds of what i expected going in, which means i really really really liked it but didn't quite love it. yet.

it's hard to divorce my thoughts on this from how much i immediately loved excalibur, and this just isn't that. it's just as moody, just as much decidedly not a sword and sorcery action movie, and just as much a taut philosophical drama with Big Questions on its mind, but barring a few moments the filmmaking isn't nearly as striking and the more reserved style just doesn't have the same swag. idk, this stuff is pretty much completely personal preference. there's a lot to love here, and i could hardly fault someone for swooning for this. i hope that can be me soon enough.

i want to watch this again pretty soon, because i could see myself really opening up more to it once it has a little more breathing room in my head. not scoring it yet because of this, but i would probably give it a 4/5 this go-round if i had to.

in conclusion, merlin looks jaw droppingly swaggy. two thumbs up

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