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  • Starlet



    Sean Baker's "Starlet" is tender and emotionally raw, a small film that has a big heart that gives great empathy to a subculture we normally don't see in cinema. Very much in the vein of Italian neo-realism, the story of "Starlet" appears simple on the surface but its rather emotionally complex. The film examines the limits of a young woman's morality tale, her guilt, and a newfound relationship with an elderly woman that unravels out of unexpected circumstances. Just like…

  • Señorita



    Fine, low-key performances by Isabel Sandoval in her debut feature as a transgender woman who wants to eventually quit her weekend night job as a sex worker in the city as she raises her nephew by day in the Philippines. A artful, thoughtful movie about hard choices, truth, accountability, crime, transphobia, and finally redemption. The subplot involving a local election is also quite engrossing as it adds in more layers about hope and corruption. All around "Senorita" is a riveting morality tale that resonates and stays with you.

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  • The Irishman

    The Irishman


    Martin Scorsese’s “The Irishman” is truly a triumphant work of ambition and grandeur, and not just because of its groundbreaking de-aging digital effects that transform its older lead actors back into much younger looking men. While that has been the main spotlight of the films notoriety, as well as being an enormously expensive project that exceeded 140 million dollars–which is unorthodox for any project nowadays that isn’t a superhero movie, Scorsese’s latest ambitious endeavor ended up being financed and distributed…

  • Godzilla vs. Kong

    Godzilla vs. Kong


    The film delivers pretty much everything you would expect it would and it taps into the giddy childness in us all, despite some of the films weaker subplots and supporting characters. It's stupendous, it's grand--but it's no doubt fun. Kong is given much more personality than Godzilla in this, while some of the human characters I dreaded the exchanges and characters such as Millie Bobby Brown and Brian Tyree Henry. However, Rebecca Hall and Kaylee Hottle characters stand out and…