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  • Hellboy



    I've not overly looked into it but I know Mignola contributed to this and only got a 'based on' credit. So I gain some comfort in thinking they totally ignored the main man to produce this limp misguided piece of flotsam.

  • 1917



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I thoroughly enjoyed it and was suitably tense throughout. The cinematography, main actors, and score we're superb.

    I was a little disappointed by the cameos as they felt forced. Dare I say that the way the main protagonists went from one scene to another felt videogamey? The choice of the continuous shot worked on some levels but I personally could of done with some cuts and pulling away from the main characters to give a more foggy sense of time…

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  • The Fly

    The Fly


    Peter Parker had it easy.

  • Jaws



    A tragic tale of a lost and distressed fish hunted down by an aquaphobic police chief, a disgraced oceanographer trying to regain some of his tarnished reputation and a nasty drunk with a fetish for bowlegged women. All of them egged on by a corrupt mayor trying to find someone or something to blame for his small islands dwindling tourist industry and his poor taste in fashion. I wish it had a happy ending, but they even go so far as to insult the fishes mother before finally commiting the coup de grace. Shameful stuff. Five stars.