Grave Encounters ★★½

Starts off promising but cascades into the obvious, showing too much and leaving little to the imagination.

It is a great concept to use the found footage element to ape the likes of TV's paranormal investigative shows, but unfortunately the build up to this film exceeds the pay off. The characters and acting are fine as well as some neat little touches and plays, drawing you in, making you curious to see how things will escalate. The dialogue may be a little too tongue in cheek in parts (though it did amuse me at times) and the plot careeers into the silly, and ultimately there is little tension due to this. It is a bit of a wasted opportunity as the setting and enviroment (a derelict mental institution) is perfect for a more subtle and indirect approach. The film not only borrows from it's TV source but also other found footage films and of the horror genre in general (effects and ideas).

Though part of me did enjoy this and appreciated bits and bobs, I found myself fairly bored towards the end and overwhelmed by the unsubtley of the films final third. Disposable over the top scares.

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