My Soul to Take ★★½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

Maybe it is best to ignore the fact this is a Wes Craven film, or should I say expecting it to be a good We Craven film, yeah just push that to the back of your mind.

My Soul to Take is what the words absurd, preposterous, ridiculous and nonsense were made for. The plot lacks coherency, the characters make illogical decisions and have conversations that just seem off kilter or plain just don't add up (even for a slasher come supernatural horror). This film veers off in so many directions that like its own 'Riverton Ripper' comes across as having multiple personality disorder.

From the very start it delivers about twenty jump scares per second as we have a killer that just refuses to stay dead ... and you get the feeling that someone is yanking your yak, are we meant to take this seriously and be scared? Is it being ironic? It is truly a what the feck? film. Add to this some bizarre and surreal moments, dodgy twists and an ending that makes you thunk they would just totally blame the nutzoid kid for all this but they didn't! My Soul to Take is terrible, but I had an amazingly fun time with it being terrible. I may purchase it and put it next to my copy of The Wickerman remake.

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