The Terminator ★★★★★

This film made me want to be Michael Biehn/Kyle Reese.

I first ever stumbled upon it when I was a kid, late night on BBC2. It was a 'Holy moley!' moment, knowing you have come across a film that will stay with you for the rest of your life, producing images and themes that will inspire and be copied. It has so many iconic things in it, that now I kinda take it for granted.

In my eyes it is Arnold Schwarzenegger's (arguably) best role, just for physical presence alone. Just pure unstoppable killing machine. Linda Hamilton, Michael Biehn and Lance Henriksen all do admirably in their roles. But it has to be handed to James Cameron (co-written and directed) for putting it altogether, I am not overly keen on him in general, but this verges on perfect for me.

The score is excellent of course, the main theme is up there with the best for atmosphere. I am not big on the sequels and they get weaker as they go on. But this ... this is of a different gravy.

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