Parasite ★★★★½

"Parasite", is a movie that represents a strong contrast between classes. Classes that smell, that can see the lights, that can afford surprise parties, that don't do the planning. Classes who determine lines, others that can't cross that same line, classes who use subways, or valets.

A film that shows a dance between classes, that even though they cross the line, they don't fit, so eventually, they have go back again. This could have been a boring movie, but Bong knew how to give that creepy style, select great casting and have an amazing storytelling.

It gives you something greater to think about,but I wouldn't say it is the best movie that 2019 had to offer. I think, that it depends on the viewer... what does he wants to see? What will the viewer values the most? A deeper meaning, a thriller, something beautiful, a little bit of history, or maybe great acting. Parasite shows an amazing storytelling, excellent directing from Bong, and an absolutely marvelous casting.

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