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  • Beneath Still Waters

    Beneath Still Waters

    Kinda boring but the practical effects are good. The color-grading on this is also deeply ugly at times but only bothered me when I was paying attention (which wasn't for much of the run-time).

  • Pet Sematary

    Pet Sematary

    Yo I really almost across the board hate how Stephen King develops his stories (i.e. the way his plot always moves and his banal obsession with family grief that never even digs beneath the barest of surface). I wanted to give this a chance tho because: 1989 mainstream horror I hadn't seen before and a lot of people whose opinions I enjoy grok'd it. It's kinda boring! There's some moments that made me lol but even the Zelda character ends…

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  • Threshold



    It severely bugs me that the dominant form of film in 2016 is a mode of narrative film-making (& film criticism, & understanding of film, & viewing habits of film) that derives explicitly from the confines of late-capitalism. When viewers think that acting is the most important thing in a film, the producers can capitalize on that by creating a star system in which familiarity & hegemonic style is read as "objectively good" while unfamiliarity & variant style is read as "bad acting." Similarly,…

  • #Horror



    If you want a point of comparison I would posit a vague similarity to the extreme stylization of movies like Detention or Bad Kids Go To Hell, or other underrated movies specifically about (& perhaps for) teens made in the last few years. I mean, granted, this sort of takes that impetus and injects it into the contemporary art world via rich East Coast art dealers/socialites, and yeah it's fucking weird that every shot in the house the majority of…