Slender Man

seems pretty legit or whatever except for the scene where she finds a book on the paranormal referenced in an article online and then not only manages to immediately find a copy of said book in the public library (you cannot even get shit like this thru inter-library loan I've tried) but it also has a bomb cover which belies the fact that literally any book about the paranormal written since 1987 is either print on demand or on a vanity press publication with an atrociously designed cover laid out in MS Paint and exported in nowhere near high enough resolution to not be pixelated in print even if it's like someone mostly just a solid fill of color????

anyway this movie is mostly bad and extremely poorly lit and like the entire movie (I mean to be fair it's not over yet I think I'm like two thirds thru) I was like "yo can we turn the brightness up on the monitor" but it actually is just not possible to see anything how it's lit