Short Cuts

Short Cuts ★★★★★

i wish i could write something coherent about this but i can’t come up with anything that would do it justice so i’m just gonna type down what i wrote in my phone notes:
- not to compare them already but this is a lot like magnolia... and i love it!
- robert downey jr looking kinda hot here
- the altman zoom!!!!!!! it gives me that buzz
- if lily tomlin ran over me with her car i’d thank her
- altman really just recycled the cast of the player didn’t he
- tim robbins is insufferable in this
- julianne moore. 
- nothing happens but everything happens i’m kinda in love already 
- jennifer jason leigh call me 
- robert altman was a genius. things are constantly moving and people change all the time, and he knew how to capture that feeling perfectly. 
- i was a little bit underwhelmed after watching nashville so i thought i wouldn’t love this one either but thank god i was wrong
- “here’s to lemonade” masterpiece!!!!!!

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