Y Tu Mamá También

Y Tu Mamá También ★★★★★

i've been planning this rewatch for like two weeks now because i was scrolling through my film diary and noticed i watched y tu mamá también for the very first time a year ago today. this film keeps growing on me with each viewing, which makes it really special to me. many call it the horniest film ever (it is) but the way it explores happiness, friendship, sexuality and youth it's what makes me love it so much. i smile a lot while watching it, even if we already know what the doctor told luisa at his office, we see her trying to live her best life with julio and tenoch playing along with her. i used to see this as the boys' journey into adulthood but the more i think about it, this film is about luisa and her way of being what the magazine quiz told her she wasn't completely: a happy woman, una mujer plena. tenoch and julio tag along real well as the horny teenagers that happened to get into her life when she wanted to explore the world in a different way. i love luisa so much and how she says to jano on the phone ''y bueno, solo espero que aprendas a ser feliz, vale? ya yo lo soy''. that little quote means a lot to me. knowing that she's happy and has made peace with her sickness really means a lot. as she also said ''la vida es como la espuma, por eso hay que darse como el mar'' which sums up how i feel about this film if that makes any sense.

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