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  • Bad Ben - The Mandela Effect

    Bad Ben - The Mandela Effect


    I can't say I didn't find an adult man sternly lecturing an unmoving plastic doll that tried to stab him enjoyable. 'Cause I did.

  • Badder Ben

    Badder Ben


    Funny, and sometimes on purpose.

    But overall kinda charming. Not perfect, but it's trying so damn hard.

    Also, I think this might count as a superhero origin story. Depending on how you define "hero.

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  • Inferno



    A whole lotta gorgeous terror color and design, not a whole lotta sense.

    But who needs sense when you've got pinks this pink and blues this blue?

  • Island Claws

    Island Claws


    Was just happy that they actually made a giant crab for the end fight.

    Was afraid the one big claw crashing through a ceiling was all the movie going to give.

    Never seen a banjo versus crab herd fight before, so there's that.