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  • You Might Be the Killer

    You Might Be the Killer


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    It should have been Imani.

  • Dark Journey

    Dark Journey


    Solid thriller that loses steam towards the end when all the sultry forbidden spy romance goodness is replaced with ships and dudes using semaphore.

    (And goddamnit Conrad Veidt was fire. His stare could burn down a whole house.)

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  • Inferno



    A whole lotta gorgeous terror color and design, not a whole lotta sense.

    But who needs sense when you've got pinks this pink and blues this blue?

  • The Crescent Moon Clown

    The Crescent Moon Clown


    I think I know the layout of Nigel Bach's house better than my own at this point.

    You get about the "normal" amount of walking around slowly from room to room you'd require from a Bad Ben sequel, but *way* more mopping.

    The comedy of the final five minutes is the best part, but also almost like a separate film, mood-wise.

    Contains some moments that might be called "tone deaf" at best.

    ... but I have purposely watched all FIVE Bad Ben films at this point, and I'll most likely watch whatever comes next, so who am I to judge?