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  • The Muppet Movie

    The Muppet Movie

    cannot recommend enough watching this directly after Sorcerer

    charles durning is more locked in here than in Dog day afternoon, and i love that every time a character makes a joke, another character acknowledges and gives props to the joke maker. also ORSON WELLES is in this

  • Sorcerer


    i’m addicted to friedkin’s depiction of desperate people. he’s absolutely merciless

    roy scheider sure did have a face. he radiates such intense energy that it burns calories just to look at him

    also this uses the exorcist font. get a new font! no real director uses the same font for their entire career

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  • Three Kings

    Three Kings

    very politically astute for a heist film and very tragic for a comedy. i was quite amazed by what it turned into - this could not have been made post 9/11, especially since mark wahlberg’s character would have stopped 9/11

  • To Live and Die in L.A.

    To Live and Die in L.A.

    the uniform of the hothead sleazy cop is a leather jacket (must be worn to bed), a v-neck deeper than the Mariana Trench, and a cigarette that you hold from the top, the most uncomfortable and thus the coolest way to smoke

    the consequences of Petersen's ruthlessly inefficient actions pile up like a multi-vehicle car crash. it’s Uncut Gems but in the 70s and with less humour, and more people are set on fire. Petersen runs faster than Thomas cruise,…