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  • The Novice

  • The Bad Guys

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  • The Novice

    The Novice

    the novice but it’s me learning about pop culture after leaving homeschooling. when the coach keeps saying “awesome sauce” i lost it. loved the exploration of the sport as a psychosexual exercise, the agony and the ecstasy of it all. stunning lead performance and gorgeous visually! not sure i needed the overlaid intertitles telling me what race they were doing and what the stakes were but a small gripe for a film that i overall found thrilling. should i move to wherever this is set?? i’m tired of this relentless heat. i want to be in grey fog all the time

  • The Bad Guys

    The Bad Guys

    everyone has such powerful eyebrow game in this, it's hard to not construe its energy as really quite horny (also, vore features heavily) but mr wolf manspreading his way through all 100 minutes seems like a deliberate choice. comedic heist films as a genre are so inherently cartoonish and the animation in this is so fun and kinetic, a great marriage of form and craft that made the whole experience extremely enjoyable. i guess childrens' films have their own sort…

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  • Three Kings

    Three Kings

    very politically astute for a heist film and very tragic for a comedy. i was quite amazed by what it turned into - this could not have been made post 9/11, especially since mark wahlberg’s character would have stopped 9/11

  • The Dawn Wall

    The Dawn Wall

    fellas is it gay to not leave your friend behind even though he’s fucking up your dream