Certain Women

each story i liked more than the previous. the michelle williams mother-daughter relationship was especially moving, as both are such a mixture of sympathetic and unsympathetic. and that's the way people really are…not binary. that's what this film is interested in showing. and the quail chat with the sandstone man!

these women are so fully realised in such a short space of time (although laura dern needed a little more) but once you’ve seen lily gladstone, all you want is a film just about her. i watched this film purely on the strength of her face in the letterboxd header, and i am a genius for doing so. nothing is explicit, her expression verges on serene but is never that vacant - she seems filled with intent and curiosity and compassion. everything her character feels is visible but never gratuitous. the length of the third tale means you are probably naturally going to gravitate towards those characters more, but the power of the quiet but passionate lily gladstone is ineliminable. oh, and her tiny mischievous corgi!!!! ahhhhhhh