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  • Bodied



    Move over, 8 Mile.

  • Alpha



    As much as I'd have loved a historically accurate survival story set in such a time period, Alpha benefits from simply being a Hollywood popcorn flick - I wanted Keda to survive a fall that should have definitely killed him. I wanted the wolf to stay alive despite an injury that could have definitely killed it. I wanted them both to find their way home in spite of being in a vast, directionless world with harsh environments and killer beasts that definitely should have thrown them off track forever. And guess what happens?

    Also features the coolest time-lapse shot I've seen in a minute.

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  • Kate Plays Christine

    Kate Plays Christine


    Mildly intriguing piece of pretentious exploitation.

  • Endless Poetry

    Endless Poetry


    The second part of the Jodorowsky story where we see how his creativity flourished, what ultimately influenced his unique filmmaking style, as a young adult as he pursues poetry. If you're familiar with Jodorowsky's films you know exactly what to expect... you know to expect a charming, colourful, non-conformist, wonderfully bizarre film with dwarfs and amputated actors.

    A little anxious about seeing the trilogy completed considering the man's age but here's hoping for the best.