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  • The Founder

    The Founder


    One thing I learnt from this is that if it wasn't named the Big Mac, it would have been called the Little Dick.

  • Insyriated



    Insyriated. I couldn’t quite tell you the significance of that title. A pun is my educated guess, of what word I’m unsure. The title is the worst thing about this film. In the US, it’s set to be released under the name In Syria, a much more fitting title that succinctly characterizes this taunt, haunting drama that follows a mother trying to keep her family safe inside their apartment in war-torn Syria.

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  • Kate Plays Christine

    Kate Plays Christine


    Mildly intriguing piece of pretentious exploitation.

  • Endless Poetry

    Endless Poetry


    The second part of the Jodorowsky story where we see how his creativity flourished, what ultimately influenced his unique filmmaking style, as a young adult as he pursues poetry. If you're familiar with Jodorowsky's films you know exactly what to expect... you know to expect a charming, colourful, non-conformist, wonderfully bizarre film with dwarfs and amputated actors.

    A little anxious about seeing the trilogy completed considering the man's age but here's hoping for the best.