Barb & Star Go to Vista Del Mar

Barb & Star Go to Vista Del Mar ★★★★½

Had me laughing so hard I couldn't breathe at like five different points. Absolutely love how completely ridiculous this is and just how quickly it gets there. The first five or so minutes (which I would not dream of spoiling) set up a plotline so utterly ridiculous that you tell yourself it has to be a dream sequence or a movie within movie. Then it's made clear that this is actually going to be real in the film's universe and I just instantly fell in love with everything it's trying to do. It sets up an internal logic where a character can shake their head with cartoon sound effects and have that be totally normal. Then the writing is smart enough to point out how ridiculous it is that you believed it, in that specific case revealing that the sound effect was a perfectly synced ringtone. I'm always two steps behind this movie and was constantly delighted by each little turn it made. You know a comedy is great when you spend ten minutes quoting scenes back and forth at each other once it ends.

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