Broadcast News

Broadcast News ★★★★½

Incredible screenplay with a trio of performances in Hunter, Brooks, and Hurt that are worthy of the material. It's a romantic comedy of sorts that uses the shared workplace of a news network as a launching point for its central love triangle but also a broader examination of trends in media. Jane (Holly Hunter) and Aaron (Albert Brooks) are the veterans of the station and purists when it comes to ethics in journalism but also in the content of news. One early scene has Jane give a speech on the matter that condemns the prioritizing of entertainment over information as she feels the scales tipping further and further in that direction.

Tom (William Hurt) is the new arrival to the station and represents everything Jane and Aaron hate about where the world is headed. He's handsome, a good speaker, and totally clueless about the news he's reporting. Essentially he's a salesman, and he's keeping qualified people like the ever-cynical Tom from climbing the ladder. To her surprise Jane finds herself falling for the guy which sets up the complicated trio that the film is built around. It's romantic, clever, hilarious, and even thrilling in the way it uses live news like a suspense setpiece. The characters are well-drawn and believable with those perfect performances keeping you glued to the screen. Holly Hunter gives one of the best performances I've seen in months with so much riding on her shoulders. Got to check out more James L. Brooks.