C'mon C'mon

C'mon C'mon ★★★

Surprised this one didn't really click for me. It's trying so hard to be honest and profound that it loops back around to a kind of uncanny valley artificiality that the excellent performances can't break through. There's that line in Florida Project about the tree that's "tipped over but still growing" and it stands out as an overwritten piece of dialogue even though it's not delivered that way. This felt like a feature length version of that one line where the performances can be so natural and tackle difficult subjects from a place of truth while still feeling false. The cutaways to documentary interviews only reinforce this feeling and give the impression that Mills thinks the film is as profound as these impossibly perfect "children know best" quotes. It works only when Phoenix's performance is front and center, a soft and thoughtful turn for the often prickly actor that ranks up there with the best of his work.

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