Kinetta ★★

I would definitely consider myself a Lanthimos fan but his debut feature didn't do much for me. I associate him with a formal and narrative precision that is completely absent here. The camerawork is made up of a lot of extreme close-up and shaky handheld work that can give an amateurish quality to some scenes and never feels like it fits the material. It's hard to describe a narrative in the film because there really isn't one.

There are three connected characters that seem to be working on filming a precisely choreographed violent scene- a cameraman that we know is an amateur photographer, an actress that we mostly see as a hotel maid, and a third man directing the action that I couldn't tell you much about. Dialogue is extremely sparse and leaves basically everything up to guesswork. That sort of thing can be especially engaging but, at least for me, a search for meaning is a fruitless endeavor with Kinetta.

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