The Eyes of Tammy Faye

The Eyes of Tammy Faye ★★★

Chastain is as good as advertised, Garfield better than advertised, but for someone like me that wasn't familiar with the story coming in this plays a little too close to a paint by numbers rise and fall story. The perspective is somewhat unique in that we don't follow the more exciting criminal side of things, instead staying firmly rooted in the lonely existence of Tammy Faye who is portrayed by the film as a well-meaning believer totally unaware of her husband's greed. I have no idea whether that's true to the facts of the story but it makes for an empathetic portrait here as she's tempted by a more caring man or going rogue to spotlight AIDS patients on their massive television network. Worth a look for the lead performances but I do think knowledge of the real couple would have been a big help going in.

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