Malignant ★★★

RedLetterMedia brought me here. I did it all for the Nukie.

When it comes to critiquing Malignant, my spouse made a very good case for the nature of modern bias. Her argument was that if you took this exact script and transported it back to the 80's or 90's with practical effects and whatnot, would this be looked back on fondly as a schlock masterpiece? After all, this is essentially a low-key remake of Basketcase, so you put this script in the hands of Frank Henenlotter back then, would this be heralded as a B-movie classic? Malignant deserves to be seen without preconception so I'll refrain from delving into spoilers, however the directions this plot goes in would feel right at home next to titles like Brain Damage or TerrorVision.

What didn't work was combining that story with James Wan's slick modern filmmaking. Even if the idea was to play a prank on the audience, Malignant needed a Stuart Gordon behind the wheel to make it as trashy and grimy as it deserves to be.

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