A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place ★★★½

Sure, there are plenty of things I could pick apart with John Krasinski's exemplary A Quiet Place. There are leaps in logic, some contrivances, a surprisingly weak and occasionally overbearing score, some elements are generic, the film feels more like the second episode of a TV mini-series, and some characters decisions are silly.

But wow, what a conceptually brilliant white-knuckled thrill-ride of a movie this is with just as many scares as it has heart. The movie is so effective because it immediately sets a level of suspense that is maintained throughout the story. The audience gets no relief and certain events only serve to increase the tension. It's extremely engrossing to watch and as a viewer, one is easily caught up in the potential for disaster at every turn. They get you to care about these characters in a dialogue-less and purely visual way. I thought the dramatic parts of A Quiet Place were very emotional. The loss, pain and fear the Abbott family faces is intense and there were more than a few times I got wrapped up in the "quiet" moments.

Oh, and Emily Blunt is f*cking sensational here. She should be a major contender for the Best Actress Oscar.

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