F for Fake ★★★★½

A ridiculously entertaining, masterfully put together free-form documentary by Hollywood maestro Orson Welles whose delicious essayistic narration holds together a fascinating storyline about forgery, art, Howard Hughes, crime, Welles himself and Pablo Picasso.

Long after Orson Welles lost the clout to produce Hollywood feature films, he managed to cobble together this idiosyncratic essay film from documentary footage shot by French filmmaker Francois Reichenbach. Welles packs F for Fake with guest stars, anecdotes, and witticisms and even magic tricks. It's not his best movie, but it might be his most entertaining. Welles aficionados will be delighted in the director's foray into deconstructionist cinema. F for Fake lies somewhere between the realms of fact and fiction. Welles the magician conjures up an altogether new form of movie, one that can't be easily classified.

#174 on: "My Top 250 Favorite Films of All-Time"

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