Ready Player One

Ready Player One ★★★

Steven Spielberg's newest visual extravaganza is by no means a poor film, but it is certainly a disappointing one. Spielberg has consistently rotated between serious Oscar films and blockbuster entertainment throughout his career, and lately his blockbusters have been quite lackluster which is sad when you know there is always potential. His latest Ready Player One is no different.

Sure, it is very entertaining, the visuals are stunning, cherry-picking each frame for references is fun and the action is creatively staged. Some of the characters are endearing and cool too like Artemis and Hache. But there are so many illogical choices in the film, so many inconsistencies where it seems like the filmmakers and writers couldn't make up their minds. Moreover the film is just way, way too long. The film wows you near the beginning, but at 140 minutes long that awe is stretched way to thin and at the end you are just tired.

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