Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ★★★★

This film is a dazzling display of style and story. The tongue in cheek narration finds a way to celebrate the ups and downs of the Toby McGuire & Andrew Garfield Spider-Man eras. Also, it's as much of a nod to the past as it is a celebration of the future of this franchise. The film blends the beauty of 3-D animation with the stylized look of ink to paper art. The union creates a fascinating phantasmagoria of lucid animation that will leave you in awe of its quality for the first half of the movie.

When you're done being mesmerized by that, there's still room on your plate for a heartfelt story about friendship, discovering one's purpose and the love of family - all the things you've come to expect from this franchise. There's enough heart in this movie to make you care about the stakes in this film-which are felt early on and repeated later in the movie to remind you that this isn't a rated-G film.

This movie is so vibrant, it feels like you are flipping through a comic book + the pages just leap right off. Everything in this was brilliant from the script, the colors, the casting, music and overall feel. THe film impressed me on many levels. It gives you the Spider-Man action that you've come to expect from this character, as well as giving new life to it. The character of Miles Morales has just as many layers to his story as the classic Peter Parker one, but the inclusion of each one of the side characters here fleshes him out even more. This is one of the coolest superhero origin stories I've seen in years. Filled with heart, emotion, plenty of action, and eye-candy as far as the eye can see, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is one of my favorite films of last year.

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