The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★½

The film might be a tad too long and a tad too slow for my taste, otherwise The Lighthouse is a near-perfect audio-visual experience. Gosh, it's an exciting time to be alive to be able to witness a film like this in 2020. The more I watch, the more I am convinced 2019 was one of the greatest years for film in such a long time. I am also convinced that The Lighthouse is a masterpiece of horror and black comedy, as well as acting, writing, cinematography, directing, sound design and film scoring. What an experience this is. Atmosphere that ranges from an isolated paranoid terror to a cartoonishly drunken stupor, as we spend the full runtime suspended in the split second feeling of losing our grip on the side rail. Robert Eggers has handcrafted a raging tempest. It'll leave you stirred, with just a little bit less of your own sanity.

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