The Queen's Gambit

The Queen's Gambit ★★★★½

I have seen Anya Taylor-Joy now in 7 different productions, and each time she was basically my favorite part of said productions. I can safely say that never has she shone more than in Netflix's most recent smash-hit; The Queen's Gambit; A vicariously entertaining 7-part mini-series chronicling the coming-of-age of orphan chess superstar Beth Harmon, marvelously played by Anya.

Sounds boring? Well it most certainly is not. Besides being an absolute joy to watch—from the humor, to the breathless pacing, to the thrilling depth of the dramaturgy—it's also a deeply poignant and intriguingly transformative character study in equal measure. It's hard to pin-point why exactly this production is as overwhelmingly breathtaking as it is; the story itself isn't particularly revolutionary with its fair share of predictable moments and safely calculated dramatic arcs. The production is expectedly well-made too, from stylish costuming, to lush cinematography and effective scoring. But what rises above everything else, each time I think about it, is the acting and the well-drawn characters. Not just from Taylor-Joy, but from the entire cast. They are who make this so memorable.

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