Under the Silver Lake ★★★★

If David Lynch, high out of his mind on transcendental meditation, directed a scruffy stoner-comedy version of Chinatown crossed with Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, you would probably get something like Under the Silver Lake; A film so frantically incoherent and unique that I'm quite sure it actually is a terrible movie made by someone who had way too may diverging ideas and tried to slam them all into a single film.

But I liked it. Quite a bit actually. It's a journey you have to take for yourself. You might regret it, you might love it, but definitely see it. It is rough around the edges and it definitely could've been even better, but there is definitely some kind of cult masterpiece in here. It's been a long time since a film as rich and crazy as this one came along, and I feel like it captures the city of Los Angeles so well in its present incarnation. With its life hacking theme, it's right on the button for now, and with its trippy, stoned atmosphere and true to life locations and events, this film feels like an antidote to something like La La Land.

From the director who brought you It Follows—a modern horror classic I really enjoyed—where you can feel the weirdness in the similarities in plot and direction. This movie is different from the usual manufactured style that comes out of Hollywood and it provides excellent entertainment with strong performances and a killer musical score. After watching Under the Silver Lake, I felt the need of immersing into it again. I think this is destined to be a cult classic when it finds its feet. All in all, it's an incredibly strange, stylish, frustrating, cool and rewarding film when it sinks in.

...and now, my top 4 favorite movies of 2019 consists of polarizing/controversial films! Yay me.

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