Pulp Fiction ★★★★½

(Lengthy review, so bear with me please. TIA for reading.)

Many moons ago I disliked this film. After I watched Kill Bill 1 & 2, my interest in Tarantino films got reignited. 

Pulp Fiction is a rare feat for me after re-watch; oddly it opened a new horizon in film experience and understanding. Violence depiction is something that still gives me the jitters. Worse is that my friends just made fun of Pulp Fiction’s display of gore and organ splattering.

I’m sure Tarantino knew that many would complain, but he also knew that many would dig it, so I see the violence in Pulp Fiction as essential to his filmmaking aesthetic. Tarantino purposefully re-stylized violence presentation and exaggerates it until it is practically unreal. 

When other filmmakers are scaling down the violence, Tarantino propels full speed ahead. When other filmmakers would be building plot and tension, Tarantino has his killers exchanging comedic dialogues. In short, he has made violence surreal by doing it in a tongue-in-cheek fashion.

Although Tarantino wants to thunderbolt us with violence, Pulp Fiction also has underlying political correctness to it. I noticed that there is an absence of nudity and violence directed against women. The film shows interracial friendship and cultural diversity. I also notice presence of strong women and strong black men. 

If you don't get the peppered tongue-in-cheek absurdity and comedy, and overlook its intentional exaggerated violence meant as a shock and awe, you most definitely will not like this movie. This time around, I can genuinely say that this film is a masterpiece. 

Now ‘ya all excuse me because I’m going to learn how to Jack Rabbit slim dance like Travolta. Wish me luck!

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