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  • Primer



    Fresh and inspiring.

  • Nocturama



    I really don't see what this movie was trying to accomplish. I was left with the feeling that anything it had to say or contribute has been done a million different ways already. It felt like badly conceived nihilist propaganda. Dumb kids doing dumb things for dumb reasons pursued by dumb cops defending a dumb society? Kind of but not really? There was stuff to like about it for sure, but


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  • The Living End

    The Living End


    I hadn't seen this movie in 15 years. I got to see it in a theater when it first came out - during my first year of college. In Nebraska. I was into KMFDM, The Smiths (and Deee-lite and Madonna). Who knows what I'd make of this movie if I saw it for the first time today - there's no way I could know. But watching it again, I'm glad I led my life the way I did, and I'm glad this movie is a part of it.

  • Good Time

    Good Time


    I was explaining to someone what this movie was about and only got as far as "It's an action movie about this guy and his brother" then got choked up and almost started bawling 😭💔 This movie is so good.