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  • Call Me by Your Name

    Call Me by Your Name


    Fuck, this is a good movie. 7th time.

    This movie blows me away.

    Thinking and paying attention to the music. What the characters hear versus what we hear. They hear contemporary music, we hear music literally from the future. From the 21st Century. From 2017. The book was a story being told today about something that happened to Elio 20 years ago (told in 2007 about events in the later 80's). The movie placed it 34 years ago (1983/2017). Anyway,…

  • Good Time

    Good Time


    I was explaining to someone what this movie was about and only got as far as "It's an action movie about this guy and his brother" then got choked up and almost started bawling 😭💔 This movie is so good.

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  • Latter Days

    Latter Days


    I saw this when it first came out - I thought it was late 90's not 2003. Anyway, it was better than I remembered.

    My favorite part is at around 1:06:00 when you can totally see a grip guy in the mirror just sitting there.

  • The Third One

    The Third One


    This is one of those movies where at the end a lot of people would be like "Wait, that's it?" Yeah, that's it. Argentine gay cinema does this a lot. In fact, I've yet to see a gay movie from Argentina that hasn't been called "boring" or "plotless". You know what? Fuck you. 😘 All these movies are good—telling stories in ways that have never been done in the US.

    Has anyone written anything that compares French and Argentine cinema?…

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  • The Living End

    The Living End


    I hadn't seen this movie in 15 years. I got to see it in a theater when it first came out - during my first year of college. In Nebraska. I was into KMFDM, The Smiths (and Deee-lite and Madonna). Who knows what I'd make of this movie if I saw it for the first time today - there's no way I could know. But watching it again, I'm glad I led my life the way I did, and I'm glad this movie is a part of it.

  • Come Undone

    Come Undone


    *** First of all, this is the absolute worst movie poster. It is actively pissing me off having to look at it while I write this review. *** That said:

    This is a REALLY good movie. Pay money to see it if you have to. It's sweet, surprising, heart-wrenching, intelligent, sexy, sad, confusing - just like all good French movies.