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  • Maximum Overdrive

    Maximum Overdrive


    This movie is straight up goofy. It has the potential to be a fun drunk watch, but I think there are some things holding it back. The characters aren’t that significant, definitely could have used some more character actors. The concept wares itself out. Everything is ridiculous yet played straight. There is no intrigue, no build-up/pay-off ratio. The horror in the first scene is the same scale as the last. The AC/DC soundtrack is nice because it’s freaking AC/DC, but it cuts tension in a lot of scenes.

  • Silver Bullet

    Silver Bullet


    Had a pretty fun time with this. Here’s the pitch; It’s a Stephen King werewolf story featuring Gary Busey, Corey Haim in a tricked out wheelchair, and a priest with an eye-patch ON TOP OF THE WEREWOLF! That sounds like a fun time. The horror aspects were cool. I wasn’t a fan of the narration, like at all.

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  • Tremors



    Very fun genre movie. I audibly described the dialogue as Kentucky Fried. The creature effects were great and I loved how the townsfolk became a team. It’s almost like this movie is too well made for its material but that’s the beauty of genre work in b-movies.

    (Tremors // Anaconda Double Feature)

  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse


    Absolutely LOVED THIS! The story was great and very comic-booky, which complemented the unique animation. The characters were amazing, humble, funny, and layered (LOVED Nicolas Cage as Spider-Man Noir!). The action was dynamic and fluid. The Easter eggs and design to the movie were spectacular. I'm going to be gushing about this film for years to come.

    Also that end credits scene was next level!