The People vs. George Lucas ★★★

Either this film is not for me or it's not a very good documentary. I suspect both are true. It's basically 80 minutes of dorks complaining about Jar Jar and the Special Editions. This does not an interesting film make. Star Wars fans however will most likely dig it I assume as it will provide some sort of official catharsis to their perceived grievances against Mr. Lucas for making some films they loved as children and making a few more films for his children that those previous genreations of children don't seem to like but continue to pay top dolllar for at every drop of a hat.

I don't get it. But to each thier own.

Add to that the fact that the only person I recognized in this whole endeavor was Neil Gaiman - I'm not sure exactly what the end game was here. There are however some kind of fun explorations of fan films and edits that are worth a look.

I like Star Wars OK but this just seems like...I don't know...a sub niche trying to elevate their nerd passion to levels that it does not deserve. If half the pople that will watch this would watch God Grew Tired of Us maybe the world would be a better place.