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  • All the Money in the World

    All the Money in the World


    Daily Cal review here. Could've easily spent a paragraph or two more gushing about Williams, but it's the paper's policy to spend a hundred and fifty words discussing problematic people's involvement in a work (even if they, uh....... aren't in the movie) which I get but it's frustrating when it eats into a word limit and I don't really have anything constructive to say about the matter. Took some time, but I started to groove with this once I realized…

  • Downsizing



    Daily Cal review here, which unfortunately covers a lot of the same bases that most other people have already. I found this to be interminable, but it's also way more interesting to read defenses of than takedowns. All the problems are pretty evident and it's nice to see people find merits in material that I don't even think Payne could make heads or tails of. The plastic look is pretty neat, but the guy's covering a lot of ground that…

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  • The Room

    The Room


    On an eleventh watch, I realize that Lisa and Claudette talking about breast cancer means that this film technically passes the Bechdel test.

    Also, masterpiece.

  • Far Far Away Idol

    Far Far Away Idol


    My family went to a house party in 2005. While all the parents drank and chatted downstairs, all the kids were up in the playroom, shooting Nerf guns and watching Shrek 2. When the credits rolled, the host's kids popped into the bonus features and queued up this motherfucker. After every character performed their song, we were asked to vote on who should win. I put up my hand for Donkey's passionate performance of "Disco Inferno," but, of course, Prince…