The Room

The Room ★★★★★

Had shelved this since the Franco movie came out and flooded the market; now the screening environment has returned to its more friendly and relaxed vibe. Had been over a year and a half since my last watch, just enough time to forget the order of things after having come back to it every month in the time after high school. I get that the medium has plenty of more galvanizing curios to offer, but the malformed but familiar melodrama at the center of this is still so accessible, something that's truly fun to take any friend to. I won't frequent it as often as I did the year after high school and I could never imagine watching it outside of a theatrical setting, but it really will always be special to me. Made a nice farewell event to my friends before I moved away a week later. RIP to the Clay Theater, the place I saw this over 20 times at and also stuff like "The Assassin."

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