Stalker ★★★★½

Hiroshima mon amour meets Taste of Cherry. Hiroshima’s mutation of memory morphed with deep surrealism mixed with the moment to moment and character of landscape vibe of taste of cherry. There is perfect mix of technical, artistic, and story in this uniquely creative masterpiece. The three main characters all look the same because they are all perceived as a part of one consciousness, one being the left analytical brain not taking as many risks were as the right brain took risks and talked a lot poetically. The contrast in characters worked so well and they all created conflicts in their different ideas. The going back and forth from sepia to color was a fantastic visual nostalgia. The landscape, the minimal cutting, the stillness. Both peaceful, exhausting, but incredibly masterful throughout the whole piece. Great transitions when going from color to sepia. Very much a commentary on the mind which was so fascinating. At some points I thought they were slightly breaking the fourth wall but mabye it just felt really connected. There were a few flaws at the beginning with dramatizing but not that big of an issue. Also the title card was shown too much but again these issues don’t really take away from this amazing movie. It’s amazingly exhausting and I highly highly recommend it! I can’t find an objective issue I really can’t.

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