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  • Patriots Day

    Patriots Day


    There's a scene in Patriots Day where the Boston bombers have carjacked someone and one of them makes a comment that the government planned 9/11 or let it happen as a way to make Americans hate Muslims which seems like an odd thing to bring up in a movie that is very anti-Muslim in its delivery and something that brings up American-Muslim relations to be explored but instead reduces it to heroes vs. villains. 

    It's arguably my favorite of the…

  • Fences



    Listen, I'm really happy for Viola Davis' Oscar win but let's not kid ourselves, her performance is a leading performance and it might be the best leading female performance of 2016.

    Unlike some people, I love plays adapted to film and while Fences really held my attention and engrossed with 4 solid main performances it can't help but feel way too overlong and talky by the final third especially with the whole epilogue feeling like a bit of a cheat…

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  • Nebraska



    Alexander Payne is the master of good, quirky family drama without dialing up the quirk. This movie wasn't the masterpiece I was hoping for but I am a definite sucker for Father-Son drama, black & white cinematography, and movies about small towns. All the acting is superb especially Bruce Dern and June Squibb who are never affectionate but feel so real as an old couple. Actually the whole family feels extremely real and that's what I loved most about. Even Will…

  • The Gift

    The Gift


    Woo! First review on here!

    I'm not sure if the rating is too generous or too harsh but it's definitely better than I expected it to be. Don't let the trailers/marketing fool you either. While this film has the elements of a horror flick it is far more slow burn drama/thriller than horror and don't let the R rating fool you either because besides a few F Bombs it could have easily been PG-13.

    I've been a longtime fan of…