Parasite ★★★★★

Believe the hype. Parasite is one of the best cinematic treats of the entire year.

Bong Joon-ho hasn't really clicked with me in the past, but Parasite hits all of the right notes in conceptual variety while still making room for perfect consistency. The idea seems simple enough from the start, but layers upon layers of literal and figurative social commentary, absurdist humor, and legitimate suspense all pile on top of one another to create something truly special. Just when you think you have an idea on what Joon-ho is trying to do here, the film adds a new idea that never feels cheap or out of left field, but rather creates another subsection of thought provoking and entertaining narrative threads. This has been a common occurrence in other Bong Joon-ho films but it feels so undeniably refined and brimming with unpredictability, never once straying from the films original concept.

It builds and builds to a masterful finale that feels almost completely different to what the film started with, yet still perfectly in line with the messages that are on display. None of them are subtle but all of them are told with a level of expertise and precision that you rarely see with such consistency over a 2 hour runtime. This absurd, hilarious, tense, painful, and occasionally horrifying look at the class system is one of the most engaging films of the year, going to depths that you never thought possible and highs that other films only dream to achieve.

Go in as blind as possible, and see this one ASAP! I can't wait to watch it again.

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