Persona ★★★★★

Persona has a lot going on, and throws a ton at you throughout its brief runtime. And yet, there's a constant steady and surefire momentum about the entire thing that guides you along every haunting image, every tender thought, and every intimate encounter. These are just a few of the keywords that popped into my head while watching, and it created this weird and cacophonous mixture of horror and personal connection. From the way it was framed and to the way it was edited, the dreamlike quality reigned supreme. What exactly is this film about? Perhaps it's about identity. Perhaps it's a surreal look at seeing oneself in another. Perhaps it's about the perception of art. Regardless of your takeaway after viewing, the sheer complexities on display are expertly handled and attempts to guide you along rather than alienate. The result is nothing short of a twisted, eerie, surreal, and beautiful vision from Ingmar Bergman.

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