Y Tu Mamá También

Y Tu Mamá También ★★★★½

Y Tu Mamá También is the most free-flowing and "up close and personal" of Alfonso Cuarón's filmography that i've seen. A coming of age film set in the ever expansive backdrop of rural Mexico that strips each character down to their bare and essential essence, filled with close, intimate encounters that explore the trials and tribulations of life changing maturity. It's such a down to earth and realistic look at the subject matter of growing up, showcasing - with full force - the ups and downs of friendship, love, and identity wrapped up in a idealistic world of teenage perversion. Again, the backdrop is what helps to sell this close-up depiction of coming of age; alone together each character has the chance to experience the immediacy of the situations around them, allowing for a deep dive into the results of their deepest desires. It easily ticks all of the boxes of what makes for a great coming of age film, but the intimate nature of Cuarón's vision creates something that feels simply real, and not striving for anything other than truthful situations.

If Roma presented an intimate story on a large scale, Y Tu Mamá También zooms in incredibly close on the details and textures that otherwise wouldn't be felt. A personal story to say the least.