Chronicle ★★★★½

Quite possibly the most honest, believable, dare I say authentic…? superhero origin story I’ve watched.

It’s not even the “found footage” angle that makes it feel believable. It’s the great dialogue, good acting, and characters you can identify with – characters whose reactions to supernatural events seem the most… natural.

Chronicle is a brave movie. It’s not afraid of taking the road less travelled. There were a couple of moments when I genuinely admired the creators for trying something different that could have backfired. It never did.

Lastly, and surprisingly, this movie is not about good and evil. It’s about power and powerlessness. We all grapple with the latter, and most of growing up might be learning to accept things that are outside of our influence. You might think that having superpowers would fix that. It turns out, not really: now you just have two things you can neither understand nor control.

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