Red Tails ★★★★

George Lucas’s last blockbuster production before he finally decided to dedicate 100% of his time to his true destiny: forever re-releasing Star Wars movies. That’s what this recent article told me, although to be fair, it was all in between the lines. (It’s also confusing how they talk about the movies Lucas “made” meaning produced, not directed.)

Given the special effects were done by Industrial Light & Magic, the fact that the dogfights look spectacular goes without saying. It needs to be said anyway. The visuals are breathtaking, the big screen really feels big, and the action sequences are riveting.

And yes, it’s just an action movie. It has none of the appropriate respect to the horrors of that most terrifying of the two world wars. Its portrayal here is simplistic, romantic, warm even, lacking in both breadth and depth. The only accuracy is reserved for bullets hitting planes. But the movie never promises anything else and within 10 seconds of the opening you’ll know what you see is what you get – a nice, entertaining, ultimately forgettable two hours of whatever fancy new technology replaced celluloid.