Seven Pounds ★★★★½

On Angelo Milli’s soundtrack to this movie, there’s a track called Requiem. My guess is it’s likely to provoke one of two reactions: eyes rolling at the cheesiness of it all, or eyes closed for the whole 9 minutes 49 seconds of its duration, admiring the pathos and the beauty.

Perhaps it’ll be the same with the entire movie. You might look at it as one of Will Smith’s misplaced “I guess I should try to be an actor once in a while” moments, an embarrassing exercise in emotional manipulation where sanctimoniousness is mixed with sentimentalism just about as subtle as Smith stopping that locomotive in the same year’s Hancock.

Or you will see it as a beautiful fairytale celebrating naïveté, empathy, redemption, and the idea that the world could be a wonderful, warm, welcome place if only we cared more about good needing to be practiced, and good deserving to be rewarded.

I guess my rating will tell you which camp to find me in.