The Iron Lady ★★★★

I can see why many people didn’t like The Iron Lady. You won’t learn much here about Thatcher’s career; the movie offers only snapshots. And even though its director chose a very personal approach, you won’t really learn that much about Thatcher as a person either.

Who you encounter in the non-flashback parts of the movie – a senile, half-demented person – might be very much at odds with the larger-than-life Thatcher you thought of. And I’m guessing, depending on what’s your opinion of her, it will be either too blasphemous, or too reverential.

And yet, I enjoyed it thoroughly. It’s a flawed, sentimental, incomplete, possibly distorted portrayal of Thatcher… but it’s a fascinating one. Someone recently argued that Streep is not only the best living actress – she’s the best living actor, period. It’s hard for me to disagree after seeing this movie.