Who's Watching Oliver ★★½

This is by far the strangest thing I have watched since the human centipede.

I'm very conflicted in my opinion about this. On one hand it looks great, it's visually well shot and well directed. It makes great use of its score by setting the tone and atmosphere of what is playing out on screen and the cast are really rather impressive. Then main shining star being our lead actor playing Oliver, his portrayal of a mentally unstable man is very convincing. The violence and gore is handled well and creatively done. Where this falls apart for me is the Mama character, she is so over the top and cartoonish that I couldn't stand to watch her. Also the heavy handed rape scene early on was not something I care for or feel has any place on film.

Certainly worth your time, if only just to witness the uniqueness of it all. Be sure to wait around for the after credits scene.