King Kong

King Kong ★★★★

There are movies in my 1989 diary that I have no memory of seeing, like for instance, Richard Pryor's Critical Condition. So there's no way I feel I can review something like that here. But I still have vivid memories of the 1933 King Kong and how great it was. I think for what it is, and from the era it was made, this is an epic masterpiece. The preposterous plot is dealt with so earnestly by the filmmakers (including a great score from Max Steiner) that it becomes an effective monster movie, with special effects that for its time were so brave and convincing enough to go along with it all. And the cast do a great job of selling it all as well. Peter Jackson was smart to take more from this version than the 70s remake. The stuff on the island and how the story builds in the first two acts is almost as exciting as what goes down in the third.

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