Newlyweeds ★★★½

To start, this film is greater than its title. It's greater than a lot of things (including its trailers and a lot of the promotional material that came with it), and doesn't deserve the negative connotations that come with the "stoner flick" genre.

Much more of a dramedy than anything else, this film that is essentially about the downfall of a couple and a man's spiral into addiction is refreshingly honest. Although uneven, the film has a great sense of humor. Well shot, well acted, well edited.

Despite lacking cohesion, this film is a treat. I so rarely enjoy contemporary comedies...I always find one too many bones to pick with. The comedy here does not come from stereotypes, but from the characters. This is where good work lies in all genres. I'm so glad I came across this flick.

If this film is any indication of Shaka King's talent, he's gonna be a force to reckon with in a couple years.